Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday 4/4/14

Get ready for "Friday Night Lights"!  Starting this month, the last Friday of every month will be an opportunity to get together and cheer each other on for a workout.  (similar to the open, minus the 14.5).  We see it as a great opportunity to showcase the hard work you guys have put in week in, week out.  There will just be one workout or event, and it'll be coordinated like the open.  The workouts could also be max effort tests.  EX:  weightlifting total (snatch & clean&jerk), crossfit total (deadlift, press, backsquat), etc.  It should be a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone (a little) while encouraging others.

Mark the calendar if you're around.  APRIL 25 will be our first "Friday Night Lights" kickoff.  Friends, food, family, drinks, and food :) are welcome!  Come on out!  We'll have more details moving forward.

A.  15 Minute Hang Snatch Work
B.  21-15-9
Dead lift
Pull ups
Cash out:  100 Abmat situps

A.  3 Position Power Clean
B.  Backsquat 4 Sets 6 Reps
C.  For time:
2k Row
or 1 mile Run

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