Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Eating

-smoothie(almond milk, handful kale, handful spinach, banana, 1 scoop protein)

4 eggs

-2 slices turkey
-olive oil

-half  of "2 chefs" sampler (pesto chicken salad, pear chicken salad, Greek veggie, extra lettuce, olive oil)

5:20 PM (post workout)
- other half of 2 chefs salad

-2 plates salad (spinach, pepper, craisins, pistachio, ranch)
-ratatouille (eggplant, chicken, tomato, sausage, onion, peppers)
-chocolate cake (gluten fee), mixed fruit, whipped cream, almond butter

-I promise a more in depth synopsis on the " why and how" will be listed soon.
-Also, schedule is a little crazy lately, so I have been eating less and at later times. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more normal.

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