Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's Eating

Recently, some members have shown interest in our diet as coaches, so I'm going to log my daily diet on here for this week.

Be sure to ask if you have any questions concerning diet. We are more than happy to help and provide input of our experience. Coach Cam is a certified nutritionist.

Remember to find what works for you!

5:50 AM
Smoothie (almond milk, handful of kale, handful if spinach, half banana, 1 scoop of protein powder)

4 eggs w ground venison (a small handful raw) cooked in heavy coconut oil, handful of carrots, 2 handful almonds

11AM(pre workout)
Small slice of turkey, handful almonds, apple

1PM(post workout)
1 scoop protein powder in coffee

"Hudson" salad at 2 chefs

slice of turkey, handful almonds, carrots

Ball game @ 6:30

Salad w ground venison hash on top (venison, peppers, potatoes, peppers) w LOTS of olive oil

- I drink lots do water throughout the day & 1-2 cups of coffee or hot tea.
- I also supplement w lots of fish oil and a glucosamine chondrortin
- I will add a creatine mono hydrate supplement to heavy lifting days.

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  1. Hudson is right! I would love to help more people in this area! Just to clarify, I have a Nutrition Specialist Certification from the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionist, I am not a certified nutritionist. -Cam